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Best Church Management System, Singapore

Sojourner is a comprehensive church management system that simplifies complex ministry and day-to-day operations. Designed to meet the unique needs of churches, it streamlines tasks and provides tools for effective management.

Sojourner is the ideal solution for churches looking for a comprehensive and robust system to manage their operations with ease.

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Introducing Sojourner, the ultimate church management platform that streamlines complex ministry and day-to-day operation. It is a robust and secure solution that serves as a "corporate memory" with the centralised repository of church membership and activity data, helping you to manage them effortlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

With Sojourner, you can easily consolidate all member, visitor, and event details in one place, and get instant access to the information you need to make informed decisions. Say goodbye to the headaches of organizing people into extended families or hierarchies of ministries, groups, and services, or managing of resources and events. Sojourner's integrated set of features empowers church leaders with attendance statistics, booking details, learning history, visitor status and more.

Sojourner is designed with you in mind, providing a self-service option for members to perform most activities. Whether you're on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, Sojourner is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any platform.

Experience the difference today and elevate your church to new heights with Sojourner, the best church management platform in Singapore.


Facility Booking

Experience seamless and hassle-free facility booking with our Facility Booking module. Our intuitive calendar interface makes it easy for members to make tentative bookings. The module also supports recurrent bookings and force booking by the administrator, giving you the flexibility you need to manage your bookings. There is also an option to integrate with a cloud-based E M lock system, unlocking doors has never been easier - simply present your QR code at the booking time and you're good to go.

Zoom Integration

Sojourner streamlines your virtual meetings with its seamless integration with Zoom video conferencing platform. With all course or event management functions conveniently housed within Sojourner, scheduling events and managing participants is now a breeze. Sojourner sends Zoom invitations on behalf of the administrator, and at the end of each meeting, attendance is automatically recorded without any manual intervention.

SingPass & MyInfo Integration

Sojourner seamlessly integrates with SingPass Login and MyInfo, offering a streamlined login experience with just one click. Users can easily authenticate their accounts via SingPass and synchronise their personal data via MyInfo. With this feature, users can save time and effort while enjoying a secure and convenient login process.

Role-based 2FA

Customers have the option to enable second factor authentication via SMS. 2FA can be implemented based on inclusion or exclusion rules. Using inclusion rules, the system enforces 2FA for specified roles while using exclusion rules, the system enforces 2FA for all except the specified roles.

WhatsApp Notification

The Communications module has expanded its capabilities to include delivery of notifications through WhatsApp, adding to the existing options of email and SMS. Stay connected with your audience in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

Quick Menu

The Quick Menu, now the default navigation user interface for mobile devices, offers a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience for users with larger fingers. This feature allows power users to quickly access specific functions by entering keywords, instead of navigating through menus manually.

Worship Service Planning

allows administrators to create detailed service plans or itineraries with ease. These plans can be viewed online and include shared resources such as songs and sermons. The roster team members can access the plans through a convenient calendar view.

Volunteer Recruitment

Allows ministries and event admins to specify the type and number of volunteers needed for each role for the ministry for an event. A volunteer role can have associated skills or interests so members can sign up for the volunteer opportunities. Ministry or event admins can accept or reject individual applications.

Attendance Taking

Attendance taking is supported across multiple modules in Sojourner, including weekly services, cell groups, courses, events, children classes, and AGMs. It can be performed with ease from any device, anywhere.

Church Dashboard

Main dashboard shows real time charts of distribution of members by gender, age group and ministry participation. Ministry dashboards shows all the roles defined for each ministry and the number of participants for each role. You can also click on the number to display the name list of constituent members.