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Flow Management System

Beyond state-of-the-art amenities, modern hospitals are differentiating themselves by enhancing the experience for patients seeking diagnosis and treatment within the facilities. To achieve this, the quality of its medical professionals and facilities should be matched by the quality of its system and processes.

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Focus on Patient Experience

One of the most important touch points of a hospital is its outpatient operations. Nexus is designed to support the demands of a hospital's operations with the objective of improving its efficiency and delivering a patient-centric experience.

Single Queue Number

More than just a queue system, Nexus supports the orchestration of activities required to serve patients in the hospital. It handles the sequencing of each patient's services, transfer of patients to and from different clinics, and relieves the staff from the need to manually direct the movement of each patient. With its load leveling capability wait times for patients are also minimised.

Integrated System

The Nexus system works hand-in hand with the queue system to include a smart kiosk software which facilitates self-service access to queue tickets and recommends a course of action to the visitor depending on the expected wait time. This promotes the continuity of care, and servces as a centralised scheduling system that is easy to operate, hence ensuring fast turnaround for appointment scheduling and low training requirements for new staffs wihtout sacrificing functionality.

Maximise Your Productivity and Investment

Nexus supports an unlimited number of registration stations, payment counters, consult stations, clincial stations, kiosk stations and display TVs, where each station can be configured to peform more than one operation and multiple service points can be combined in a single physical staion where necessary. this flexibility frees you from having to invest in unnecessary hardware and saves cost and deplotments and maintenance, especially when there is a space constraint.